Resolutions + Goals


Episode 003
“Resolutions + Goals”

Certified Madness Podcast | Episode 003: Resolutions + Goals | a weekly podcast with Brittney Kluse, True Moua, Holli True & Jolene Dombrowski

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year again! Have you set resolutions or goals for your business? If you haven’t, you definitely should! But it’s not just about writing something down, just to write something down. In this episode of Certified Madness, we’re talking all about the process of setting goals, writing resolutions and how putting things out into the universe can really set you up for success. Keep in mind, this isn’t the only time of the year that you can do this- resolutions and goals can be set all year long.

In the second-half of this episode, we also veer off-topic and dive into a conversation about social media. This episode is loaded, friends, you don’t want to miss it!


  • Welcome to episode 003 of Certified Madness, today’s topic is: “Resolutions + Goals”… (0:36)
  • True: “I try to write things down as the year is moving along because I run into situations where I’m like, ‘Okay, well, that didn’t work so well, so I’m going add this to list and I’m going to make some changes for the following year.’…” (1:02)
  • Holli: “I’m not somebody that actually sets resolutions, I’ve never been very good at sticking to them. So, I used sit there and write down 10 goals or 10 resolutions for myself and by January 5th, I had broken every one of them… I started only choosing a word to be the word that I would focus on for the year…” (3:22)
  • Brittney: “This last year has been a really good year for me in me letting go of some control… a lot of times, when you start this business, it’s like a one-man show… I think for the first 8 years of my business, I just did it all…”(6:38)
  • Brittney: “For my resolution for next year, it’s really not a new one, it’s building on what I did this year. It’s learning to just keep letting go…” (15:14)
  • Saying yes to clients means saying no to family… (15:33)
  • Being in the sweet-spot of life… (17:26)
  • Being Brittney Kluse Busy… (18:21)
  • Jolene: “I need some time still to kind of get things figured out… Letting go of perfection… Taking some time to reflect on the year…” (19:43)
  • Write that shit down… (21:12)
  • Writing resolutions just to write them… (22:17)
  • Brittney’s Hair Situation AKA the Multi-Tasking Photographer… (22:50)
  • Take the time to reflect on the previous year before looking ahead to the future… (25:05)
  • Share your goals with others, to help keep yourself accountable. Own your resolutions and goals… (26:02)
  • We veer off-topic to go on a social media tangent and talk about real connections and fake engagement… (27:30)
  • Where’s Waldo… err… Holli? Dropping off the face of the Earth to watch football, celebrate a birthday and unplug… (32:20)
  • Being present instead of worrying about posting to social media… (34:39)
  • Just turn your phone. For reals… (38:22)
  • Hit the road with us! Join us this February for the Deconstructed Roadtrip (link below!), an amazing photography event hosted by the Certified Madness Crew! All the details for this event can be found at the link below! (41:21)


Deconstructed Roadtrip

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