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Episode 001

Certified Madness Podcast | Episode 001: Meet the Madness | a weekly podcast with Brittney Kluse, True Moua, Holli True & Jolene Dombrowski

Well, this is a dream come true! Literally! What started as a small idea between four friends, late at night through a fit of laughter and good conversation, has turned into full-blown reality. Ladies, we did it. We’ve succeeded in creating a one-of-a-kind podcast that perfectly depicts who we are, how we communicate and what we’re all about. The name, Certified Madness, couldn’t be more perfect. Because, that’s exactly what we are. And we know that you are, too. So, we’re all in good company.

This isn’t you’re usual business podcast. Before you press play, you need to know this. Yes, we will be talking all about business, photography and other industry-related topics, but we’re doing it our way. This is a podcast with a sense of humor. It’s your weekly dose of real talk from four friends who have been through all of the highs and lows of running a photography business- and a household- at the same time. It’s messy and chaotic most of the time, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. We hope you’ll join in on our weekly conversations and share your madness with us!


  • Welcome to Certified Madness, a weekly podcast brought to you by four friends: Brittney Kluse, True Moua, Holli True & Jolene Dombrowski (0:37).
  • Holli True introduction (2:18)
  • Jolene Dombrowski introduction (4:31)
  • True Moua introduction (6:50)
  • Brittney Kluse introduction (10:08)
  • Brittney: “I would say I really specialize in high school seniors and families, a few years ago I felt a lot of pressure from the industry to specialize…” (15:10)
  • True: “I also felt that little void of just capturing emotion and different kinds of memories that you don’t necessarily do at a senior portrait session…” (16:12)
  • Holli: “The only thing I feel like I’m trying to branch out more with is photographing more personal stuff, but that’s not necessarily emotional…” (17:25)
  • Why we decided to start the Certified Madness Podcast (18:29)
  • Jolene: “Note to self, don’t drink kombucha when you’re doing a podcast…” (20:55)
  • Brittney: “It’s okay to be real. It’s okay if you haven’t showered today. It’s okay if you’re not like the mom’s- Debbie- in their jeans…” (23:51)
  • Share your madness with us! Follow us on Instagram @certifiedmadnesspodcast and use the hashtags: #shareyourmadness & #certifiedmadness (24:12)


Brittney Kluse Website

True Moua Website

Holli True Website

Jolene Dombrowski Website

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  • KamiceJanuary 15, 2019 - 10:03 am

    So fun guys! I only know 1 of the 4 of you personally and I can agree….typing in PJ pants right now, drinking coffee not wine, with a heating pad on my seat to keep me warm (so as not to run the heater for just little ‘ole me…haha). Thanks for the intro’s, thanks for the realness! Keep doing YOU, ‘cuz it’s what you do best! 
    xoxo Kamice 
    PS: Just say NO to Kombucha…and you know I love you Jolene ;)ReplyCancel


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