I Can’t Go To a Photo Shoot Without…


Episode 004
“I Can’t Go To a Photo Shoot Without…”

Certified Madness Podcast | Episode 004: I Can't Go To a Photo Shoot Without... | a weekly podcast with Brittney Kluse, True Moua, Holli True & Jolene Dombrowski

In case you didn’t know, we’re photographers! Ha! We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite things and must-have items for photo shoots! Some of these items will be no-brainers, while others might take you by surprise! And, because we’re so awesome, we’ve even included links to everything we talk about in this episode of Certified Madness! Just hit up the LINKS section at the bottom of this post!


  • Welcome to episode 004 of Certified Madness, today’s topic is: “I Can’t Go To a Photo Shoot Without…” (0:36)
  • Holli’s Must-Have: Lastolite TriGrip Silver/White Reflector (2:16)
  • Brittney & True’s Must-Have: Impact 72″ 5-in-1 Reflector (3:44)
  • True’s Must-Have: An Assistant (6:53)
  • Is it okay to ask a parent be the Assistant? (7:02)
  • It’s a Christmas Miracle… Brittney’s office is clean! She put all the elves to work… (12:33)
  • Brittney & True’s Must-Have: Step Stool (13:28)
  • True’s Must-Have: Rubbermade Tote with hair accessories, hats, scissors, tulle, wire-cutters, etc… (15:05)
  • Holli’s Must-Have: Utility Wagon/Cart (16:17)
  • Brittney’s Must-Have: Fanny Pack (18:25)
  • Holli’s Must-Have: Hair Survival Basket (18:48)
  • True’s Must-Have: Lens Fanny Pack (19:37)
  • Jolene’s Must-Have: Blankets
  • Brittney’s Must-Have: House of Flynn Backpack/Camera Bag (21:45)
  • Brittney always does a Battery Check because she’s been known to forget them on numerous occasions… (25:22)
  • Holli’s been known to forget her Think Tank Card Holder on her desk many times… (27:22)
  • Jolene always worries she’s going to show up to a shoot without her camera… (28:05)
  • True has actually arrived to a shoot without her camera… (28:43)
  • Keeping it simple and only taking what you really need… (31:00)
  • Let’s talk about lenses… (32:08)
  • Holli’s Must-Have: Spider Pro Hand Strap (38:50)
  • Another option for neck-strap users, the Black Rapid Strap… (42:42)
  • Or, the Money-Maker AKA Spider Holster… (43:27)
  • Holli Must-Have: Bluetooth UE Roll Speaker (44:11)
  • True & Holli’s Must-Have: Changing Tent (46:00)


*PLEASE NOTE: The links below are NOT affiliate links, we’re simply sharing them to be helpful!

Lastolite TriGrip Silver/White Reflector

Impact 72″ 5-in-1 Reflector

Short Step-Stool

Tall Step-Stool

Utility Wagon/Cart

Lens Fanny Pack


House of Flynn Backpack/Camera Bag

Think Tank Card Holder

Think Tank Travel Camera Bag

Spider Pro Hand Strap

Black Rapid Strap

Spider Holster

Bluetooth UE Roll Speaker

Changing Tent


Brittney Kluse Website

True Moua Website

Holli True Website

Jolene Dombrowski Website

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  • Tracie SeeleyJanuary 13, 2019 - 11:58 pm

    So funny!  At least I now know I’m not the only crazy person  to pull over and check to make sure my camera is actually in my vehicle ReplyCancel

    • JoleneJanuary 23, 2019 - 1:15 pm

      Hahahahaha!  Happy to hear I’m not alone too!!ReplyCancel


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